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Florida United Methodist Children's Home

Established in 1908 in Enterprise, Florida, and a second home has now been established in Madison, FL.  Both are diverse ministries that includes residential care, independent living assistance and a community child care center all provided for the interestes and well-being of children, youth and families.  The influences of God's tender mercies and noble human compassion are transforming lives! 

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Childrens Home


An opportunity to support our local teens during Christmas.  Volunteers can screen applicants in October, prepare "ornaments" and sign up sheets for the Angel Tree in November, sort and organize gifts for teens or assist with the gift distribution party in December.


Contact: Tracy Frandsen

Angel Tree


Provides opportunities for our local kids/church youth to attend Warren Willis Methodist Church Camp for a week during the summer when they may not be able to afford it.  This gives them an opportunity to strengthen their relationship with other young Christians and with Christ.


Contact: Holly Holdship

Camp Leesburg Scholarships


A Christmas season project for homeless and/or displaced teens at Orange Park High School.  Combined with Teen Angel Tree project, angels are placed on the tree for 35-50 teens.  They will receive backpacks filled with jackets, gloves, school supplies, personal items and snacks.  You can help collect donation, and fill/distribute the backpacks.


Contact: Tracy Frandsen

Backpacks For Kids
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