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Director of Finance - Debbie Frendahl

Debbie Frendahl serves as our Director of Finance & Membership here at the Orange Park United Methodist Church.   She is a native of Florida, having been born in Miami, Florida.  Debbie grew up in a Methodist Church in Hialeah where she was an active member of the youth group and youth choir before leaving for college.  Debbie married her husband, who distinguished himself as a Green Beret in the US Army, and they spent the next 4 years in Ft. Bragg, North Carolina where they began raising their two children, Tony & Katrina.  In 1987, they moved back to Florida and settled in Orange Park where her twin sister lived.   Her entire family, along with her sister’s family and her mother, all joined Orange Park UMC on Mother’s Day in 1993.  

In 1995, while working for an Insurance Company in Jacksonville, Debbie read in the church bulletin that there was an opening at the church for a bookkeeper.  She immediately applied for the job (as that is what she studied in college) and was hired on September 1st, 1995.  Debbie’s job title changed in 2007, and she became the Finance & Membership Secretary.  Then, when the Business Administrator retired a couple years ago, she took on some new responsibilities and became the Director of Finance & Membership. 


Debbie and her current husband, Paul, will be celebrating their 14th wedding anniversary soon.  Between them, they have 5 grown children and 4 grandchildren.  Over the years Debbie has been involved in many of the outstanding ministries offered here at OPUMC, including though not limited to, Young Methodist Families & Cornerstone Sunday School classes; Chancel & Inspiration Choirs; Walk to Emmaus; Chrysalis, Kairos Outside; Celebrate Jesus and O Little Town.  She has also served as a Youth Group Counselor, a Girl Scout Leader, Upward Concession Stand Director, TLC Dinner Theatre Cook, Usher and the Leader of a Singles Ministry & Singles Sunday School class (which is where she and Paul met).  Debbie has felt blessed to have taken all of the Disciple Bible Study classes along with many other small group studies over the years. 


Debbie enjoys photography and spending time with Paul as they kayak and travel in their RV to many of the beautiful State Parks here in North Florida. 


In Debbie’s words she, “absolutely loves being in Service to the Lord here at the Orange Park United Methodist.  This is an amazing church, with a very talented staff and a wonderful church family that has become my family over the years.  Through the good times and the bad, this church family has stood beside me and supported me in ways that I cannot even begin to recount here.  I am truly blessed each and every day and pray for many more years to be a part of this staff and this wonderful fellowship of believers!”

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